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Tennessee Insurance Litigation Blog

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The Policyholder’s Perspective from
Brandon McWherter
of Gilbert Russell McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC
J. Brandon McWherter is a partner at Gilbert Russell McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC, which has four Tennessee offices in Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Read More
The Insurance Company’s Perspective from
Parks T. Chastain
of Brewer, Krause, Brooks & Chastain, PLLC
Parks T. Chastain, a member in the Nashville, Tennessee law firm of Brewer, Krause, Brooks, Chastain & Burrow, PLLC, focuses on the representation of insurers. Read More

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Gilbert Russell McWherter PLC Launches New Website Concerning Flood Insurance and Related Matters

Posted in Flood
Today my law firm launched a new website, www.tnfloodclaims.com, which we will use to try to address many of the issues affecting people affected by the recent floods.  We’ve included some information about negligence claims against insurance agents, some basic tips for making a flood insurance claim, and other information we hope policyholders will find… Continue Reading

What Is a Public Adjuster – Can They Help?

Posted in Flood
With the flood waters receding, public adjusters are finding plenty of business.  Many people have a misconception that public adjusters work for the insurance company, but the opposite is true.  Public adjusters are licensed professionals who are employed exclusively by policyholders who have sustained a loss.  Very simply, their job is to work with the… Continue Reading

Tips for Filing a Flood Insurance Claim

Posted in Flood
 FEMA has published several tips for filing a flood insurance claim that can be accessed here and here.  Be sure to note that a proof of loss must be submitted within sixty days.  It also has a brochure that addresses common myths about the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) that can be downloaded here.… Continue Reading