With the flood waters receding, public adjusters are finding plenty of business.  Many people have a misconception that public adjusters work for the insurance company, but the opposite is true.  Public adjusters are licensed professionals who are employed exclusively by policyholders who have sustained a loss.  Very simply, their job is to work with the insured to obtain the best possible settlement.  Public adjusters can help policyholders understand their coverages, analyze the loss, communicate with the insurance company, and a host of other things.  

In preparing to write this post, I called Phil Breeden, the President of FirstCall Claims, which is the largest public adjusting firm in Tennessee.  Phil’s group has been in business for over twenty years and so I asked him his views about how public adjusters help policyholders.  I agreed with him when he indicated the importance of having professional help when navigating the world of insurance claims, particularly in light of the emotion and stress that often accompanies major losses. He stated,

The insurance companies have an adjuster on their side, and the property owner has the right to a Public Adjuster.  Even though you might have called your insurance company, per your policy, you are still faced with the task of claiming and collecting on your own, which is not an easy task.

Public adjusters can be a valuable resource for insureds, particularly after a catastrophe when storm adjusters roar into town for the insurance companies to adjust claims in mass.  But be wary of unlicensed public adjusters.  Tennessee requires that public adjusters be licensed, and you can check to be sure a public adjuster is licensed here.