My home and garage were victim to the flood also, but we were much more fortunate than our neighbors, whose homes were totally destroyed. Those of us who work with insurance take much knowledge for granted. But, many people have had a tough time finding information, and have had to act without direction from anyone just to salvage what they can. So, remember the following at least:

1.         PLEASE make sure you document your claims. I know – from personal experience – that taking pictures of ruined items is not the first thing on your mind as water is still present, but make sure you document the condition of your property, and the damage. Most companies are overwhelmed due to the nature of this disaster, and much of your property may be gone by the time an adjuster actually visits your home. Pictures are an absolute necessity.

2.         Also, although I think this is mentioned in the FEMA materials Brandon references, you will need to get two (2) estimates for most items. 

3.         Finally, if you – like us – are replacing your HVAC units, and will be claiming those on your flood policy, preserve the units for the inspection of the company or FEMA representatives.

I wish all the best. If able, help those who have suffered more than you. And – putting off the lawyer hat and putting on the parent hat – get the kids involved in helping. It teaches them a great lesson about priorities.