The facts:  Plaintiff Doe presently  lives in Carroll County, and his fire damaged home was also in Carroll County. Defendant Insurance Company has a claims office in Madison County. Defendant Agent resides in Carroll County, has his principal place of business in Carroll County, but also has a satellite office in Madison County.   Plaintiff

In the past two weeks, I have mediated three first party property cases. None of them was alike, and I wanted to share some thoughts on approaching such mediations from the carrier’s perspective, and some comments on the way the insureds have approached the mediation – making it better or worse for fruitful negotiations.  


Parks Chastain recently wrote here about trigger happy policyholders prematurely filing lawsuits against insurance companies before a denial ever occurs.  The reason for this is the provision in insurance policies that shortens the applicable statute of limitations to a period of usually one or two years from the date of the loss.  As Parks mentioned